Cooking classes

hands with fresh vegetablesMaria teaches South American hands-on cooking workshops that nourish the mind, body and soul to low-income, born-in-the-United-States people who did not grow up with a direct relationship with food. Growing up with a strong, traditional relationship with food, cooking and community, Maria sees how people can achieve self-sufficiency through community gardens, planting garden beds and learning how to utilize the fresh produce they grow in healthy cooking. Her students learn that eating healthy does not have to mean expensive or complicated, and that it can be both fun and delicious to make. She believes that a healthy and rich diet is the most powerful medicine, and that it can cure almost any ailment. Maria is always excited to have the opportunity to cook together and share a meal that will not only be delicious, but also healing and nutritious!

Sample class descriptions can be found here: Ancient Peruvian, Empanada Making, Plant-Based Latin American Cooking, Tamales Making