Trauma Sensitive Yoga

A gentle class in a safe environment of compassion and acceptance. This specialized class will help you regulate emotions of fear, grief, and anger through breathing and movement.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is:

      • Safe, supportive and non-judgmental
      • Learning how to breathe to regulate emotions
      • Feeling empowered by choosing what’s right for you and your body
      • Releasing past trauma gracefully
      • Calming your mind
      • Not a religion
      • No prior experience necessary

Class Description: Each participant may choose to be on a mat or chair, depending on your comfort-level. The class will begin with breathing exercises and warm-up movements. Once the class is ready, Maria will guide you through a program to stretch, strengthen and balance your body. Students are guided to listen to their body and are given choices to modified any movement. Class will end with a deep relaxation.

Decolonize Your Body & Mind

Exist, Resist, Indigenize & Decolonize your Body & MindAlign with your Soul with Shamanism & Yoga

We will practice Hatha, Kundalini and Trauma Sensitive yoga practices as well as Andean healing tradition & ceremonies to re-connect with Pachamama (mother earth) and with each other. No prior yoga experience necessary.

In this class we will focus on deepening our understanding of our shared history, relative to oppression and privilege. All forms of oppression intersect and we cannot achieve equity in one area without creating justice in all. We will use mindfulness practices in relation to racial equity to allow people to begin to understand and feel the impact of white supremacy and racism on the physical body, mind and heart. 

Warm Water Yoga

Warm water yoga is designed for people of limited mobility recovering from an injury or joint replacement.

It provides access to yoga for people who may no longer be able to have an active yoga practice on land, or for those with physical and/or neurological conditions.

Water is a safe place to move without the fear of falling.

Designed to help improve balance, range of motion, coordination and mobility while cultivating a peaceful state of mind.

No previous yoga or swimming experience is necessary.

In a safe and supportive environment, students will learn yoga poses and sequences in the water that increase cardio-vascular circulation, open up restricted joints, stretch tight muscles, and strengthen weak ones. They will also learn breath work and relaxation exercises to soothe the nervous system, while helping the participants to feel grounded, rejuvenated, and refreshed which will improve their quality of Life.