15 Day Spiritual Journey to Peru

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Total Cost of the 15 Day Journey: $3,800 (does not include airfare to Peru, see below for details) [click here to register]

This epic 15-day journey takes you directly into the center of the world, Cuzco (literally means belly button), and the heart of Peruvian shamanism offering you the opportunity to participate in Incan ceremonies led by Quero Shamans and Aymara Shamans of the Altiplano and Lake Titicaca area of Puno.

stone building built into the crook of a giant mountain with green and rock tall mountains in the distance
Naupa Iglesia

In Cuzco we will visit the Naupa iglesia where we will do a permission ceremony led by Quero Shamans. Silvia Calisaya,, Aymaran Shaman will lead us to a vision quest in Macchu Picchu. We will explore the Sacred Valley and the majestic Andean Mountains and visit Incan sites such Sacsayhuaman where we will do a cleansing ceremony to release past lives and karmas. We will visit Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Moray and Aguas Calientes.

in the foreground is a blurry stack of rocks, there is a structure that looks like it is made of stacked rocks with a pointed top and a window, the sky is a vibrant blue
Pachamama Temple

We will travel to Puno and Lake Titicaca, do water ceremonies, and visit the Aymara’s sacred sites of the Amantani to Taquile Island to the Pachamama Temple in Arama Muru. We will visit an Aymara community of elders where we will share a meal of foods prepared in the style of the ancient Aymaras. Following the meal, we will perform an Ayni Ceremony. Next, we will visit the

Colca Cayon in Arequipa the home of the Peruvian Majestic Condors. There we will perform our last ceremony.

We will practice daily yoga at the foot of the sacred Andean Mountains. We will have the opportunity to visit the colorful markets and eat local organic and delicious food from the rich mountains of Peru.

Our home base, Munay Tika

Our home base for 5 days will be in Ollantaytambo at a beautiful spiritual center nestled in the Andes Mountains. Maria will lead a daily Kundalini practice in the morning and restorative yoga in the evening. These practices will strengthen your nervous system, balance your glands, purify your blood, and clean out subconscious thought patterns. This practice will bring balance to your body, mind, and soul.

In this spiritual journey, you will experience the depth of your soul and true identity. This direct experience of your higher self will build a platform of strength, radiance, and security on which to build your life and create a state of total relaxation where healing and transformation can take place.

The cost of this 15 Day Journey will include: Pick-up/drop-off from Cusco airport, all land transportation, entrance fees for site visits, double occupancy accommodations, breakfast, ceremonies, and all yoga sessions.

The cost of the 15 Day Journey does not include: Airfare, lunch, dinner, personal expenses, or private shamanic healing sessions.

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